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River2Sea Stand'n Yabbie 80


River2Sea Stand'n Yabbie 80


Crawdads are a favorite food item for bass and they don’t give up without a fight. A crawdad assumes a defensive posture with claws held high, as their last act of defiance before becoming supper. Stand’n Yabbie is designed to mimic that stance.

Yabbie is the Japanese word for what we call a crawfish and this exciting bait is unmistakably a crawdad. The River2Sea Stand'n Yabbie is molded around a weighted tail section and a strong, ultra-sharp hook for a compact, realistic craw bait that will attract fish everywhere. The River2Sea Stand'n Yabbie will present a defensive, claws-up posture when at rest due to the buoyancy of the front section, which causes the bait to rock back and forth with only the slightest movement of your line.

Redesigned and better than ever, the River2Sea Stand'n Yabbie features a wire weed guard that allows it to maneuver through rocky terrain and cover with incredible efficiency. Offering an unbelievable versatility, the River2Sea Stand'n Yabbie appeals to all types of bass, from clear water smallmouth to lunker largemouth in stained waters. Offered in a number of highly detailed colors, the Stand'n Yabbie is sure to "stand-out" from your everyday crawfish imitator. 

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