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Z-Man Texas Eye Jigheads 3 pack


Z-Man Texas Eye Jigheads 3 pack


Giving anglers an unbeatable one-two punch, the Z-Man Texas Eye Jigheads combine the weedless Texas-rig with the free-swinging action of a pivoting jighead. Molded with a streamlined articulating head and an up-angled eyelet, the Z-Man Texas Eye Jigheads create a natural heads-up swimming posture and give your favorite Elaztech or soft plastic trailers more freedom to move in the water for an incredibly lifelike action. The head design coupled with a razor-sharp 3/0 VMC heavy-duty EWG hook is ideally suited for heavy cover and also delivers unbelievable weedless rigging for fishing through grass, submerged vegetation, shell beds, and brush where wary hard to catch fish like to hide.

For added visual appeal, the Z-Man Texas Eye Jigheads are equipped with a very large 3D eye, which provides a large target for predatory fish to hone in on and strike. Completed with an integrated hangnail style bait keeper that holds trailers securely in place, the Z-Man Texas Eye Jigheads are the ultimate weedless jigheads for big bass, redfish, stripers, snook, and more.

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