Working at Bud's Bait

Currently, Bud's Bait is not looking for positions to be filled. That being said, we are always accepting applications for employment. If you feel that you can offer a unique perspective and value to our family of companies, please don't hesitate to fill out an application.

Standard Positions (not currently searching, but feel free to apply so we have your information):

  • Retail Sales Assistant (full or part time)
  • Warehouse Assistant (full or part time)
  • Customer Service/Administrative (full or part time)

Additional Positions (if you have these skills, along with a passion for fishing, feel free to apply):

  • Sales Representative/Distribution
  • Website (E-commerce) design, development, and management

If you are interested in employment information, you can apply here.

Promotional Staff Program

Bud's Bait has a Promotional Staff Program that is intended for us to partner with local tournament anglers, professional fisherman, and guides to support their efforts to advance the sportfishing industry. Pro Staff agreements are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We are looking for community members who have an interest in promoting our brand, are active on social media, and maintain a good reputation and moral character.

If you are interested in finding out about our Promotional Staff program and opportunities, please fill out our Pro Staff Application.